I hired Jeannie while working as a bank Senior VP. Despite experiencing significant success in that role, I knew I wanted more. Jeannie encouraged me to pursue my passion—one outside of the industry in which I had become so comfortable. Using data from a personality profile and knowledge about my personal desires, Jeannie’s insights assured me that a career move made sense. She helped me realize that giving up a good thing led me to a great thing—being my own boss. I transitioned out of corporate America and into an entrepreneurial role and I never looked back.  Jeannie is intuitive, perceptive and well-skilled in leading you to making good decisions. She is smarter than smart and one dynamic person. Her support has led many professionals to make the leaps they need. She is the best!


Janis Julian

Banking Executive/Entrepreneur

I first met Jeannie Fowle when I was assigned to a Recruiting Field Director study group for which she was the coach/facilitator.  For the past year, I have worked with Jeannie on a one-on-one basis.  She helps me think through situations and conversations and develop successful tactics. She also provides an insightful perspective that I wouldn’t get without her as my coach.


Ryan Brockhaus, CFP, CLU

Wealth Management Advisor

My goal when I hired Jeannie was to expand my personal production.   She challenged and cheered me to MDRT and beyond.   She provided invaluable career counsel as I made the move from personal production into the Chief Development Officer role.  Now with my sights set on becoming an Managing Partner, Jeannie continues to focus on the skills needed to make me successful on Day 1 of my appointment.  Her experience in the field, her demand for accountability, her insights into business and personal relationships, and her quick sense of humor have all served to guide me so I can function at my best.


Dominic Mirabella, MBA, CFP, CLU, CLTC

Chief Development Officer

I began coaching with Jeannie in 2014 after receiving a recommendation from another client of hers. My ongoing work with Jeannie got me all the way to the stage at the annual meeting (#1 Bronze in the Company) in 2015.  She has continued to encourage growth in many aspects of my life. I am producing at a high level while striving for personal balance—never a once-and-for-all achievement.  Jeannie speaks the truth, but delivers it with grace and humor.  Everyone should have a “Jeannie”!


Jessica Ping, CLTC

Financial Advisor

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